Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10

Thank you all for praying this week.

As you know many leaders were in California this week and were not able to give us requests. Praise God they are home safely.

I will include those requests I received and then other areas needing prayer.

Please continue to pray for our FCA Huddle at Tremont. This week the leaders will be meeting to plan our next Huddle Tuesday, March 17th.Donnie Rice

Please be in prayer for our Pastors and Leaders

Please be in prayer for the upcoming Mission Conference and the many activities planned
Tammy Carroll

Praise God for touching lives in a real and powerful way.

Praise God for allowing circumstances in our church that cause us to focus on Him, knowing that He, alone holds the answers.

Praise God for our CBC family and the love we have for each other.

Praise God for raising up godly leadership, who proclaim God's Word boldly and without apology!

Praise God for providing us with a beautiful facility in which to worship Him.

Seek forgiveness for taking all the above for granted 99% of the time.

Seek forgiveness for focusing horizontally (on other people or circumstances) rather than vertically (on God.)
Pray concerning:
Evangelism/visitation team
Upcoming mission conference
MOPS this week
Upcoming missions trips
Jonathan St Clair: preparation for missions service
Luke and Becca (Reed) Voight as they graduate from Moody and are led to their mission field.
Employment needs:Time Cole, Don Wilson, Dan Dunham, Micah Whalen
Upcoming baby deliveries: Becca Ultch, Erin Zobrist
Lisa Reed's 13 y/o nephew, heart surgery today
College students
Summer Bible School
Upcoming opening of our new teen building

That's my list for this week. Let's never underestimate the power of our prayers to a loving, powerful, heavenly Father.

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